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SORRY FOR THE HTML DERP! It worked in preview. I swear

>mfw this group is still, around after 5 weeks :iconrainbowdashderpplz:

The wrapup is located here. Looks like we had 31 fics submitted! Woohoo. We'll bet those dirty artists someday!

OK! Week 6 theme!

Write about a seasonal holiday

Winter Wrap Up, Summer Sun Celebration, Spring Has Sprung, Or make up your own! There are so many days in a year and any one of them could be a reason to celebrate!

Can't think up an idea off of that? Take a gander at some suggestion!

[Normal]     Twilight is introduced to the Spring has Sprung celebration traditions in Ponyville: Pinkie Pie style.
[Shipping]   The Winter Solstice is the most romantic night of the year. Can somepony work up the courage to confess their feelings?
[Comedy]    The Cutie Mark Crusaders beg their guardians to take the to see Celestia raise the summer sun(FYI, I intend to be all over this)
[Sad]          A present that was to be received, or a pony who was to visit on the holiday never shows up.
[Grimdark] (EbonMane is banned from this category. sortofjoking) On the longest night of every year, Luna must face down her inner demons or fall prey once more to Nightmare  Moon
[Random]   Pinkie Pie invents a holiday commentating the fact this day used to be the day furthest from any holidays
[Crossover] Jack Skellington wonders what all this pony bullsh*t is

As always, if you have seeds for ideas or themes, we'd love to hear them!

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